Ville Lenkkeri “The Place of No Roads”

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Arctic Wildlife

Field Experiment

Dead Domestic Plants II

Map of the Underworld

Deserted Coal Mine



The Good Times I

Faded Map

From Finnish artist Ville Lenkkeri‘s book “The Place of No Roads”, in which he documented his trip to a deserted Russian coalmine in Svalbard (Spitsbergen). A few more pictures from the series can be found here.


If we don’t, remember me.

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If we don’t, remember me.

Mappemonde Cordiforme… and other unusual maps

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Mappemonde Cordiforme d’Oronce Fine ca. 1534, via BibliOdyssey

Dubbed “Fool’s cap Map of the World”, it remains unknown when, why and by whom it was created. Ca. 1580-1590, via Big Think | Strange Maps

Jerusalem as the center of the world, Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, Heinrich Bunting, 1545-1606, via Dark Roasted Blend

Historical Map/chart of Italy by Girolamo Andrea Martignoni, 1721, via BibliOdyssey

Spanish illustrator Fernando Sanchez’ version of an Atlas, via Big Think | Strange Maps

Queens & Brooklyn are NYC’s balls in this Subway Map, via

If you’re interested in what cartography and literature might have in common, this book by Peter Turchi is a pretty entertaining read (with beautiful illustrations). Got me thinking about:blank…


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Collages by Arturo Herman Medrano

Florian & Michael Quistrebert “Ex Futuro”

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Florian & Michael Quistrebert
Ex Futuro, video, 7’06, 2010

(Update:) West African Costumes

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I couldn’t find out more about these pictures that were posted on Artsy Time.

UPDATE June 16, 2011:

Found the book in a store today, it’s magnificent. The photos were taken by art professor/photographer Phyllis Galembo, published in a book titled Maske by Chris Boot in 2010.


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