Animals on Boats

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Dog on board HMS 'Laforey', 1915-16

Seaman on 'Pommern' enticing the ship's cat up on of the shrouds, date unknown

Second mate, the Master, the First Mate and the ship's dog, on board the 'Grace Harwar', 1929

Poodle on board an unknown yacht, date unkown

Princess Victoria with Mac on board the 'Victoria and Albert III', 1909

Wallaby on board HMS 'Renown', 1920's

A quarterdeck scene on board HMS 'Trafalgar' at Malta, 1897

'Garth Castle' mascot Jacko at Boat Drill, about 1914

The mascot of HMS 'Renown', about 1941

The ship's cats, HMS 'Hawkins', 1919-21

Trotsky the bear being transferred to HMS 'Ajax' from the 'Emperor of India', 1921

Goat mascot of HMS 'Irresistible', date unknown

Scot at his bath attended by his faithful servant 'Lamps', date unknown

Black cat and spaniel, HMS 'Barham', about 1916

Mr P.M Anderson and Russ on the 'Scotia', about 1902

National Maritime Museum


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