Congo Dandies

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Le Sapeurs of the Congo belong the Societé des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes – “one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. Members have their own code of honour, codes of professional conduct and strict notions of morality. It is a world within a world within a city.”

Photos by Daniele Tamigni from his book “Gentlemen of Bacongo“.
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The Structure of Matter (1982)

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Struktur der Materie

Recent flea market find:

Kleine Enzyklopädie Struktur der Materie
Weißmantel/Lenk/Forker/Linke (Eds.)
VEB Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, 1982.

Deadline for submission was exactly thirty years ago in March 1981.

A Euro well spent.

Harmonia Macrocosmica (feat. Tycho Brahe)

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Care to see Tycho Brahe’s skull, currently being exhumed to learn more about his life and finally solve the mystery of his death – kidney stones? Mercury poisoning? Murder by Kepler?… More pictures on the official site.

Brahe was a pretty eccentric astronomer/alchemist. He kept a dwarf called Jepp as a court jester, had him sit under the dinner table, and thought he was able to tell the future. Brahe famously lost his nose in a duel with a Danish nobleman and had a piece of metal attached in its place. He also had a pet elk, which supposedly was given too much beer (!) at one of the many social gatherings at Brahe’s, and fell down the stairs to its tragic death… Biopic, anyone?

Here are Scans from the Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius (1660/1). The first one shows Brahe’s system of planetary orbits, and in the bottom right corner, Brahe himself –  nose still intact.

Ville Lenkkeri “The Place of No Roads”

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Arctic Wildlife

Field Experiment

Dead Domestic Plants II

Map of the Underworld

Deserted Coal Mine



The Good Times I

Faded Map

From Finnish artist Ville Lenkkeri‘s book “The Place of No Roads”, in which he documented his trip to a deserted Russian coalmine in Svalbard (Spitsbergen). A few more pictures from the series can be found here.

Mappemonde Cordiforme… and other unusual maps

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Mappemonde Cordiforme d’Oronce Fine ca. 1534, via BibliOdyssey

Dubbed “Fool’s cap Map of the World”, it remains unknown when, why and by whom it was created. Ca. 1580-1590, via Big Think | Strange Maps

Jerusalem as the center of the world, Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, Heinrich Bunting, 1545-1606, via Dark Roasted Blend

Historical Map/chart of Italy by Girolamo Andrea Martignoni, 1721, via BibliOdyssey

Spanish illustrator Fernando Sanchez’ version of an Atlas, via Big Think | Strange Maps

Queens & Brooklyn are NYC’s balls in this Subway Map, via

If you’re interested in what cartography and literature might have in common, this book by Peter Turchi is a pretty entertaining read (with beautiful illustrations). Got me thinking about:blank…

Illustrated Jules Verne

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21. « Voilà donc comment. »

The Illustrated Jules Verne! Read about the illustrators of the Voyages Extraordinaires here. The image above is from Autour de la Lune by Émile-Antoine Bayard.

The World in 2030…

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The future! As seen in 1930. One of my favourite blogs, BibliOdyssey, brought my attention to these illustrations by E McKnight Kauffer from the book The World in 2030 A.D. by FE Smith. Click for more: Source

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